Education Principles

Four Education Principles

1. The Centrality of a Good and Provident God

  • We are grounded in the Word of God and share this source of light and strength.

  • We cultivate a sense of the sacred and search for transcendence that leads to a deeper meaning in life.
  • We integrate the teachings and values of Jesus in all aspects of our educational ministry.
  • We provide religious and moral education to develop an integrated spirituality for global citizenship.
  • We initiate and deepen faith formation of Christians through a variety of specific programs and experiences.
  • We promote a spirit of dialogue with diverse cultures and religions and are open to mutual enrichment.
  • We live a simple Gospel life-style and educate for solidarity so that all may enjoy the blessings of the earth.
  • We commit ourselves through selfless serving to be bearers of hope to a world in need.

2. The Human Dignity of Each Person as an Image of God

  • We appreciate, respect and reverence the uniqueness of each individual and the diversity among all persons.
  • We actively support a holistic education which encourages a positive sense of self-worth and the full development of the person.
  • We reverence the image of God in each person we encounter through respectful listening and availability.
  • We create a welcoming atmosphere that builds relationships leading to unity and community.
  • We provide opportunities and environments to help persons to claim and regain their human dignity, identity and self-worth.

3. The Notre Dame Educator as Gospel Witness

  • We follow Jesus, our Master Teacher, and give witness to his spirit of compassion, hope and joy, especially to those who experience poverty in its various forms.
  • We nurture the Notre Dame charism, spirit and mission among ourselves as educators and among all with whom we work.
  • We reverence Mary, the Woman of Hope, who made visible the glad tidings of the Gospel.
  • We share the rich spiritual and educational heritage of the Sisters of Notre Dame by using opportunities for ongoing formation and professional growth.
  • We promote collaborative programs and processes that assure the continuity of the excellence of Notre Dame education through our commitment, competence and dedication.
  • We affirm that goodness supported by firmness is a characteristic mark of our educational heritage.
  • We create clean, orderly and attractive surroundings in order to provide a safe environment conducive to learning and respectful of all.

4. An Integrated Education for Transformation

  • We ensure a thoroughness of instruction that is rooted in Gospel values, the Social Teachings of the Church and an understanding of complex world realities.
  • We provide an integrated education, one that leads people to a fully human life in relation to themselves, God, others and all of creation.
  • We create the environment to develop value-based leadership skills and the ethical use of communications media and technology.
  • We form students to be reflective critical thinkers and life-long learners who have the determination to influence systemic and structural change.
  • We nurture in ourselves and others an ongoing commitment to act with preferential care and love on behalf of those who are poor and marginalized, especially women and children.
  • We transform our institutions to be centers of non-violence, compassion and justice, and give personal and corporate witness to peace-building and the responsible care of creation.

Ways to Implement Principle 1

The Centrality of a Good and Provident God

Ways to Implement Principle 2

The Human Dignity of Each Person as an Image of God

Ways to Implement Principle 3

The Notre Dame Educator as Gospel Witness

Ways to Implement Principle 4

An Integrated Education for Transformation